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T3: Sport Performance Services

Sport Performance Services


Precision Movement Training

All training programs are not created equal. Some programs focus on improving flexibility and building strength, while others include skill-specific training to maximize an athlete’s skill set. The Precise Movement Training is a movement-based training program designed by a sports movement expert to efficiently target the individual’s specific weaknesses and maximize their sport-specific movement skill. The progressive task breakdown and sport-specific context makes this movement training program unique.


Running Analysis and Coaching

Running is a highly demanding activity that produces a lot of forces that your body needs to manage. The repetitive nature of running can result in overuse injuries if these forces are not dissipated properly.There is no specific method that is right for every runner, but with our individualized running evaluation, we can address your specific impairments and running style.
We will teach you ways to improve your running mechanics to reduce your injury risk and improve your performance. We will educate you on proper training dosage and recovery.PT Motion Lab focuses on optimizing both your hardware and software, as deficits in either area can prevent optimal performance.


Manual Therapy Tune Ups

You train hard and compete even harder. The joints on your body are designed to take significant stress without breaking down but small restrictions still occur with normal training and competing. Manual Therapy can resolve these small restrictions that can make you feel less mobile, less agile, or less powerful. Maybe you have already had a significant joint injury or surgery. After the area of joint or tissue pain relates to a pain free biomechanical restriction.


Golf Services

No matter what caliber of golfer you strive to be, our keen eye for swing biomechanics gives you an edge while reducing the risks of unnecessary aches and pains. Utilizing 3D sensor technology from KMotion and unique mobility assessments as orthopedic manual physical therapists, we identify suboptimal motion related to your specific swing characteristics. These are the main causes for a golfer to experience a lack of power,  inconsistency and even injuries that can take you out of the game. Based on your individual golf goals, we target the weakest links in your chain and train repeatable, efficient movement patterns within the swing to optimize your golf fitness performance.


Climbing and Hiking

Coming Soon.


Pelvic Health

Physical therapy can address many issues in the pelvic region, other than persistent pain. At MTI Physical Therapy, our team of physical therapists that treat pelvic conditions have advanced training so that they can assess, treat and prescribe therapeutic exercises to patients with pelvic pain, dysfunction or discomfort. Have you experienced any of the conditions or situations described below? If so, you might benefit from a pelvic health assessment.