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Golf Services

Determine what Golf Performance Evaluation best matches your needs.


3 Evaluation levels to choose from with 1 exceptional training program: 


Golf Diagnostics Evaluation

Musculoskeletal evaluation: ROM/Mobility, Soft tissue, Manual muscle testing

3D KMotion iron evaluation in hitting bay

2D video swing analysis

Manual treatment to address impairments

Home training program

Cost: $300 due at time of service


Are you considering how to start golf again after surgery, like a hip replacement, or after a flare-up of back pain?

Are you returning to the game after a long hiatus and in fear of hurting yourself?

The golf swing is prone to cause injuries among players who demonstrate faulty swing mechanics. Quick accelerations and decelerations occur at some of our major joints, such as the pelvis, spine, shoulder and hand. This aggressive motion is then repeated over and over, whether it’s 9, 18 or even 72 holes. To avoid injury and stay in the game for years to come, your body can’t afford to get this pattern wrong. (At least not without consequences!) If even just one of those segments is not firing on all cylinders or has limited motion, dysfunctional patterns become ingrained in your swing. These patterns impair energy transfer, cause compensatory movements, and put you at high risk for injury.

Wouldn’t it be relieving to return to golf under professional guidance without the need to worry about your hip or back?

The Golf Diagnostics evaluation is the first step on the right path. We perform a thorough joint and movement screen that only an orthopedic manual physical therapist is capable of doing. We ensure the hinges of your body are working properly and can tolerate the load and forces the golf swing puts on them. When you are given the green light to swing away, you can feel confident in yourself and enjoy what you love about golfing even more.  


KMotion 3D-capture of your golf swing provides the objective data to back up our diagnostics. We are not guessing on your angles, positioning and sequencing. Your swings with a driver and an iron will be analyzed wearing four motion sensors. These are like launch monitors for the corresponding segment of your body. Real-time data on joint positions and motion throughout swing phases are generated and discussed, such as degrees of torso rotation at top of the backswing, sequencing during transitions and segmental speed creation. Golfers see how their numbers compare to players on the pro tour as well as their peers. 

Depending on the extent of our required data acquisition, a combination of applicable drills, hands-on techniques or home training program will be included and instructed at time of evaluation. With years of post-graduate training in orthopedic manual treatment, you can rest assured we know how every single joint of the body should be moving, and the techniques required for improvement. Arthritis, nerve tension, degenerative disc disease, tight muscles, and stiff joints are common conditions we see daily. With mobilization, soft tissue techniques, stabilization, motor control training, and strengthening, 

If you are all-in and committed to getting back out on the course, then we are committed to showing you the way.  After reviewing your complete Golf Diagnostics evaluation results, we can set more accurate golf goals and the path required to achieve them.  SWING-X training sessions are where the hard work factors in to keep golf in your life indefinitely.  Stop worrying, playing hurt, shortening your swing, and losing joy out of the game. Return to golf primed, confident, and enjoy the game for a change.


TPI screen

Focused musculoskeletal evaluation: ROM/Mobility, Soft tissue

3D KMotion iron evaluation in hitting bay

2D video swing analysis

Manual treatment to address impairments

Home training program

Cost: $300 due at time of service

Do you feel like you’re fighting with your body to perform?

Is your flexibility, strength, or balance your weakest link?

Does it feel impossible to find consistency in your play?

If you’re ready to kick up your golf game a few notches, the Golf Next Level evaluation will clue you in on the keys to unlocking your potential.

First, your “golf fitness handicap” is scored based on a golf-specific physical screen developed by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). How many of the 16 golf-specific movements can you pass with a green light? Hopefully a lot, because a low golf fitness handicap has been found to correlate to a lower golf handicap. Compare how your hip turn, single leg balance or shoulder flexibility compares to golfers on the pro tour and amateurs. Is your glute strength up to par? This will tune us in to the location of your main physical deficits that are responsible for holding back your game.

Any limitations in mobility, control, balance or strength that are found during the TPI screen will be analyzed with a more focused, in depth mobility and stability assessment from an orthopedic manual physical therapist. These impairments may be the source of your variability, swing flaws, common misses, inability to progress speed, or cause of delayed soreness. 


Finally, when we tie in this information with your KMotion 3D swing evaluation, we see the big picture. KCoach is a system of wearable sensors that track your body movements during the golf swing in real-time. It’s a launch monitor for the body. Have you been told you swing with your arms too much? Hip timing or speed is off? Not engaging your core?  Data from numerous swings with your driver and your iron is collected and provides us with a truly complete picture. We can visually see (based on numerical values, avatar motion, reports, and graphs) what your takeaway sequence is or how much upper body bend you have at the top of the backswing.  How can we improve your energy transfer and acceleration rate to improve your club head speed? Does your pelvic rotation at impact fit into the range of your peers? Maybe that’s why your buddies are always hitting it farther than you! 

Hands-on techniques, drills and a home training program will also likely be included on the day of the NEXT LEVEL evaluation dependent on tiers of importance for your desired goal. You will receive a report for a complete understanding of the many components of your swing’s efficiency and capability to create power. Now that we identify the regions of the body that are holding you back, we can begin to unlock your true golf potential. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, likely neither will your golf bod. SWING-X training sessions make your goals achievable and more quickly ascertained. 

GOLF ELITE evaluation 

TPI Screen

TPI Strength and Power tests

Focused musculoskeletal evaluation: ROM/Mobility

3D KMotion driver and iron evaluation in hitting bay

2D video swing analysis

Manual treatment to address impairments

Home training program

Cost: $300 due at time of service

Pro golfers have an entire team of multidisciplinary professionals to support them in all aspects of being an athlete. A golf medical movement specialist, such as the golf-specialized orthopedic manual physical therapists here at PTMotionLab, helps the player adapt to the physical demands of golf by becoming a more well-rounded, antifragile athlete. 

A Golf Elite evaluation is for those who want longevity in the game and are all-in to maximize their performance. By understanding that people are the sum of their parts, there is much more to the training game than lifting heavy weights and stretching. What is your medical and injury history? Are you right or left eye dominant? How is your nutrition and hydration? A serious golfer will understand that questions like this are necessary to performance at an elite level. 

This evaluation includes determining your “golf fitness handicap” based off the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf-specific screen. It will quickly expose weaknesses you may not have realized you had. 

TPI Power and Strength tests will also be performed. No one ever wants to hit the ball shorter, so don’t pass up the opportunity to gain more club head speed and additional yards on your drive.

KCoach is also wearable state-of-the-art 3D technology for a golfer’s body that cannot be matched. The synthesis of real-time data on tempo, peak speed sequencing, peak velocities and much more that the K-vest provides gives you the big picture of where you develop power now and how you can gain more of it within the golf swing. It’s amazing to track the data on movements you’ve been practicing for years, and if what you “feel” matches what is truly “real”. 

Want to train using KCoach visual and audio biofeedback to hit key positions in phases of the golf swing? Check out our Swing-X training sessions on how it can fine-tune your golf at an elite level. 

Upon the integration of all of this collected data with your golf goals, areas of impairment are clearly highlighted and a gameplan is created for your body to perform at its highest potential.  Our clinic offers state-of-the-art equipment for power and strength training under the watchful eye of a movement specialist, but some recommended exercises may be capable of being performed at home or at a gym. Usually our athletes set big goals that need customization and frequent progression that is best instructed in our clinic. Working with swing coaches to develop the right plan is a vital collaboration to maximizing our results.

This is the competitive edge for collegiate scholarships, matches, and tournaments you have been looking for. 


SWING-X sessions 

SWING-X is a toolbox, containing all the tools needed to build a better golfer. Each session is unique and  tailored specifically to the results of your Golf Diagnostics, Golf Next Level or Golf Elite evaluation. Sessions are 55 minutes under the direction of your manual orthopedic physical therapist. Ultimately, we are your support team to train and prep your body for golfing at any non-competitive or competitive level.


For most, the best way to learn and remember a desired movement pattern is through feel. KMotion sensors will frequently be utilized for the visual and auditory real-time 3D biofeedback so you can finally determine what’s “feel” versus “real” in your golf swing. The biofeedback training in SWING-X can help you solve the problems…

  1. You can not get into the swing positions or ranges your instructor/coach wants you in
  2. You think you are in the correct position, but your instructor/ says  that you are not


SWING-X is completely different for each golfer.

For example, a player coming from Golf Diagnostics may require a 60-minute session with dynamic warm-up, hands-on techniques of joint mobilizations and soft tissue work, specific mobility drills, stabilization and balance training and K-vest biofeedback training targeting positioning at address and takeaway sequencing.


For a Golf Next Level evaluation golfer, SWING-X sessions may dial in on more physical performance attributes: coordination, movement separation/re-integration, pattern development, sequencing and power/strength. There will be a combination of hands-on techniques, conditioning, and linked K-vest activities/dynamic training.


SWING-X sessions for a player after Golf Elite evaluation, components of power and strength will be prioritized as well as K-vest dynamic biofeedback training. Hands-on techniques may be indicated to fine-tune any underlying limitations and to reduce excessive force generation in one area to improve longevity. Under the eyes of a golf medical professional, you will confidently push your body to new extremes to develop a more powerful and efficient swing.


Cost: $200 due at time of service

Photos by Michael Chansley Photography, www.michaelchansley.com