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Slide Testing and Analysis a Slide Don’t Guess. Identify the cause of your pain or impairment
with the help from a trained joint and movement specialist.
Rehabilitation and Tissue Training a
Slide Bounce back stronger than before with reduced risk of lower performance. One-on-one care gets you the results you need and want. Performance Training a


From hands on testing to computerized sensors, know exactly where you can improve.


From tissue training through restoring pain free movement, we have the tools and training for return to play.


Know exactly how to move, dose your exercises and train specific to your sport.

About Us

With over 30 years of mastering orthopedic manual physical therapy, research and teaching dosed exercise approaches for tissue repair and performance, PT Motion Lab is the brainchild of its founder Jim Rivard. PT Motion Lab brings the same innovation to Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention and Longevity as their partner MTI Physical Therapy brought to orthopedic physical therapy.

Set Your Performance Goals Higher

Specific testing reveals objective areas for improvement. Precise exercise design and dosage will guide you to your personal best.

Stop guessing. Hands on and computer sensor testing combine for the ultimate assessment of your strengths and areas to improve.

Our elite team of orthopedic manual physical therapists will guide your body to healing faster, pain free movement and return to play.

You work your body hard. Speed your recovery or enhance your performance with a manual therapy tune up of your joints and muscles.

Targeted testing and movement training geared specifically to your sport will blow past the edge you are looking for.