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Running Analysis and Coaching

Running is a highly demanding activity that produces a lot of forces that your body needs to manage. The repetitive nature of running can result in overuse injuries if these forces are not dissipated properly. There is no specific method that is right for every runner, but with our individualized running evaluation, we can address your specific impairments and running style.

We will teach you ways to improve your running mechanics to reduce your injury risk and improve your performance. We will educate you on proper training dosage and recovery. PT Motion Lab focuses on optimizing both your hardware and software, as deficits in either area can prevent optimal performance.


Slow it Down – Hardware Analysis

  • Joint and neural mobility testing
  • Muscle and connective flexibility testing
  • Strength, endurance and coordination testing


Speed it Up – Software Analyses

  • DorsiVi motion analysis sensors/software to objectively measure ground reaction forces, symmetry and cadence.
  • Running video analysis to include various speeds and shoe ware.


Who needs a running analysis?

  • The competitive runner experiencing reduced performance or pain during running.
  • The recreational runner looking to improve their running mechanics.
  • The recovering athlete with a recent injury or surgery to assure a safe return to running.


Why complete a running analysis?

  • To clear intrinsic factors impacting performance
  • To identify potential running-related movement impairments
  • To learn and develop an efficient, individualized running gait


What will you walk away with after your evaluation

  • A running video analysis and Dorsavi report
  • Individualized exercises to enhance your running
  • A goal specific training plan
  • Shoe wear knowledge